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At Congee Media, our expertise lies in cdeating, developing, integrating, and scaling user-friendly digital solution with unparalleled efficiency.

Amidst the perpetual flux, successful brands are distinguished by their relentless forward momentum. Our On-Demand Creative Design Team stands ready to infuse your vision with the essential direction, energy, and momentum needed to seize opportunities within change and overcome any challenge.


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Ideation & Evaluation

As a creative-first integrated agency, we empower brands to connect meaningfully with their audiences through expert Ideation & Evaluation. Leveraging our cross-sector expertise and robust agile process, we transform concepts into impactful strategies for success.

Design, Development

Crafting brilliance through meticulous Design and Development, we sculpt digital experiences that defy expectations, propelling your brand to unparalleled heights.

Online Marketing

Elevate your digital presence with our Online Marketing expertise. We strategically navigate the digital landscape, creating impactful campaigns that resonate, engage, and drive success for your brand.

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Mei Lin Tan

Marketing Manager

Working with this company has been a game-changer for our brand. Their creative design team brought our vision to life, and their expertise in online marketing significantly boosted our visibility. Exceptional service!

Rajesh Patel

Finance Director

The Ideation & Evaluation process they provided was instrumental in refining our strategies. The Design and Development teams showcased unparalleled skill, creating a seamless digital experience. Highly recommend!

Aisha Abdullah

HR Specialist

Incredible results from their Online Marketing services! Our brand's reach and engagement skyrocketed. Their team's dedication and innovative approach truly set them apart.

Wei Jie Lim

Software Engineer

From concept to execution, this company delivered beyond our expectations. Their cross-functional team seamlessly integrated ideation and development, producing a final product that wowed both us and our audience.

Mei Ling Wong

Creative Director

Impressed with the dedication and expertise of the team. Their comprehensive approach to ideation, design, development, and online marketing has undoubtedly elevated our brand. Thrilled to have them on board!

Ying Xiu Chen


Our journey with this company has been marked by excellence. The meticulous design and development work, coupled with effective online marketing strategies, have driven tangible growth for our business.

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At Collax we specialize in designing, building, shipping and scaling beautiful, usable products with blazing-fast